Thursday, 7 January 2021

The Fear Fighter

How Many of us hold back in our lives, even just a little because of some fear?

I think the answer to that is, probably everyone. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear”

Let me ask you, What is fear and Where does it come from?

Fear means being afraid of the unknown, the anxiety of uncertainty that builds as you prepare to do something that you’ve never done/experienced before. This unknown entity can be an act, a person, a situation or anything which is out of our comfort zone. Fear comes from our mind and imagination. Almost all our fears are self-created because of the negative thoughts which can hamper our confidence in ourselves. We get scared, that something bad might happen, that is the origin of fear.


Let's take the example of some of my fears, the most unpleasant one is losing my vision, then losing my job and the most common one is the fear of failure. Just like me, many people have fear of failure and because of this many of us give up without even trying, we let the fear overpower our courage.

 I have learned over the years that you should not stop trying new things just because you don’t want to fail in that. My life didn’t go exactly as I had planned, and I am sure yours hasn’t either. Even if we plan things out, it won’t happen as predicted, things never go the way you want (most of the time).

With every step, I’m making my way with all the obstacles around. Trust me, if you’re not willing to risk, you cannot grow, if you cannot grow, you cannot give your best, if you are not giving your best then you cannot be happy and if you are not happy then what's there to live for? Take a minute and think about it.


As we continue our journey, sometimes we regret that we could have or we might have/should have tried to conquer our fear.

A coin has 2 sides and so does the fear– “forget everything & run away” or “Fight back and rise “, the choice is yours. There is always a way that fear serves a valuable purpose, help us breakthrough to achieve what we truly desire. If we allow then fear can become an ultimate tool to grow in life.

Many times I wonder I would not have reached where I’m today, without overcoming my fears I wouldn’t be the person I am now. Fear has given me strength, courage and confidence to make a change, to start living the life I want.  


Now the question arises, how can we overcome our fears. It is not so difficult actually. Try to do a thing (which you are afraid of doing) at least 3 times, the first time to get over the fear of doing it, the second time to learn how to do it and third time to figure out whether you like it or not.


For the last few months, we all have lived with the same fear of COVID-19 pandemic which has changed the way we live and work. Many of us feel anxious during this time, Coronavirus fear is difficult for anyone to handle. However, we have been patient, stayed together and fought back(still doing). Let's hope for a better and safer future.

 In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


Darr ke aage Jeet hai :)



  1. Very well said Pallavi.... And you have been one person I admire fr never letting any fear break you or stop you... Kudos girl... Love and wishes..

  2. Wooow.. I can feel the tears in my eye ☹️


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