Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Embracing the Change

“We think we plan our journey, the fact is journey plan things for us”

We all Want a planned Life where everything will go according to our plans. In this desire, we forget to think that life is an unknown journey where we don’t lead paths but paths lead us.


After getting placed in a good company I thought my life is sorted and things will become easier for me to handle. I felt, finally I am independent and queen of my own world. However, things didn’t turn up as I expected them to be.

What you see     What I see

I have Stargardt's Disease and It comes with different challenges, such as Numbers on the bus are not of my use, wristwatches are only a styling element for my outfit and grocery shopping is just another science assignment with magnifying glasses. Often my eye and brain confront each other to recognise the face that passes-by. Many times it has happened that I cannot recognize if the person walking towards me is someone I know, or is a stranger.

I Realised that I cant see how I used to see, and that realisation did send me to a dark place, where I felt things are falling apart. And over time, I understood that  “I can't change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sail to always reach my destination” and trust me it is like eating Dark chocolate which is bitter in taste  and you like the bitterness of dark chocolate, so I started liking the bitterness of my life and understood that changes happen for a reason, and the faster we can adapt and move on, the better it will be for us.

    My equipment for aiding the vision

It is like seasonal changes which are not in our control, but still, we accept the changes and adapt to it by refashioning our dressing style. In our life as well, there are times where not everything is in our control, an unexpected situation arises, therefore, we should come out of our comfort zone and be prepared for challenges coming our way.


I know acceptance can be difficult, however, It is something we must concur. It helps in recovering from painful things that happened. Given the challenges I started facing, the first thing I did, was to accept it. I said to myself, there are things I can't see what I usually used to see. this acceptance has lead to a better version of myself.


I adapted to several changes like, I started using special equipment for aiding my vision which are the telescope, magnifying glasses. I started learning about software to help me work on system, I practised typing without looking at the keyboard, I have started asking for help where ever required this was a big transformation for me as from being independent to dependent for small things and after this change in my life I have never looked in my past. As rightly said living in the present moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future, it allows you to build a whole world that will then become your legacy.

Ups and downs are part of our life which makes our life worth it. Even a 3-hour movie without a drama becomes boring, just thinking without ups and downs how monotonous and worthless your life will be? Life is full of Good and bad days which comes and goes, we need to change our perspective of how we look at it. Whatever comes our way we should Embrace every situation, then only we can enjoy life. Be happy and face everything with a big smile on your face. Your smile will bring a positive atmosphere around you and with that Smile only, I have never let my low vision come in my way. It has not stopped me from doing things which I wanted to do. With the utmost passion and will power, I have not stopped dreaming.


  My ability is stronger than my disability”


  1. You are a wonderful person and you deserve to dream big coz u have the ability and capabilities to achieve all tht you dream... And I mean it.. No one is perfect and to accept it and take a leap is something we all need to learn from you... The strength of being positive and the positivity you showcase is commendable... Loads of love and wishes to you my dear
    Dream big u can make the impossible.. Possible.. Coz u truly live this quote each day.. "I Am Possible"...

  2. Hello Ma'am, my name is salil .. i am also suffering from the same disease, facing same problems, using same low vision Aids, but i am not positive as you are ...i think this is the thing that i have to learn from you..Thank you ..

    1. Thank You Salil. I know it's not easy having SD, however never stop believing in yourself. These things take time, eventually you will see the change.😊


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