Friday, 4 September 2020

The Turning Point

The school life is over and now comes the next phase of life, THE COLLEGE. College is the place where we have more fun and less studies. I was interested in commerce and business studies, so I opted for BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) in UG. During those days, we used to wait for all kind of event (Literally) to bunk the classes. We just needed an excuse to escape from the boring lectures, so, we participated in every cultural activity where most of the time we used to win without much preparation. This experiences made me bold and flexible, Now I could adjust in any situation, ready to take up  the challenges. This is how 3 years went and I completed my BBM degree.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       College Queen

    I decided to do MBA and moved to Bengaluru to pursue it. Namma Bengaluru!!! It’s famous for being the Silicon Valley of India, pleasant weather, lush green gardens and serene lakes. I met new people in this new city and soon got adjusted to it. A college is a place where more than the subject we focus on gossips and we are always there to safeguard of our friends in any situation like, relationship advice, exam time, project completion, Attendance proxy, making boring lectures interesting and the funniest part was finishing the lunch box before the break in between lectures, roaming in college. Indeed, HAR EK FRIEND ZARURI HOTA HAI

One year went by, I was facing difficulty to see the blackboard clearly and I thought of getting a routine eye check-up done. Next what happened completely changed my life!!!!!!

It was 9th May 2014, I went to Narayana Nethrayalaya where they did the eye test and found a scar on my left eye retina. For confirmation, I underwent a full retina scan. When the report came, I found out I was diagnosed with a very rare eye condition known as  STARGARDT. The moment I got to know, I felt that doctor is speaking in Greek o german, as I had no idea what they were saying. After a few more tests, It was confirmed that I indeed have SD(Stargardt). As for many of you this word would be completely stranger,

Here’s the scientific definition of SD, Stargardt disease is a form of macular degeneration, and is often called juvenile macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is when part of the retina that gives you central vision, called the macula, breaks down. In people with Stargardt disease, special light-sensing cells in the macula, called photoreceptors, die off. Central or detailed, vision becomes blurry or has dark areas. It may also be difficult to see colours well.

In layman’s terms, SD means being partially blind.

        This news came as a complete shock to me. I didn’t know whom to talk about this or how to cope up with it. The next big thing for me was to inform my parents about SD.I can't describe them  in words, how difficult it was for me to explain to  what exactly I was going through, I didn’t want them to get distressed. This phase of my life I can never forget. I was facing difficulties in studying on my own and the biggest challenge was to accept that I have this problem.

        I am grateful for my friends who stood by me and helped me in studies making sure I complete my projects, preparing for exams etc. They never made me feel that I have a problem and never treated me differently.

                                                      My College Friends

        I remember I used to think so much about this problem, due to which I was on the verge of depression. I thought all my dreams and goals turned to dust. I will have no future, nothing. I had almost given up. I used to think how did it happen, and WHY ME?

        The day I told dad about it, he just said one thing, “Don’t you worry, If you want you can come back home we all are there for you and you are so strong that you will fight it through to achieve your dreams”. Those words worked like magic and made me realise that I still have my vision and with that vision, I can do what I am capable of, from that moment, I never let eye problem come between my goal. I took small steps to adjust and complete my MBA. And then the other biggest question arrives -

There was the biggest question in front of me, Where and How am I going to get a job? When I discussed my eye problem with my college faculties, they advised me not to disclose this in any interview, that’s how I can get placed or else no chance. However, deep inside I felt it was wrong to hide such information from the employers just to get a job. I didn’t want to deceive anyone, If someone wants to hire me, they should recognise my capability, skills and not my disability.

        I prepared for job interviews and appeared for my first interview in one of the known company. There were 250 people applied for it, out of which only 5 got placed. My interview went for 45 minutes and towards the end, I told them that I have eye problem and It may get worse I might not be able to work on a computer. And to my surprise, I received the best answer , that was, “ To us, you look physically fit and fine, rest depends on you, how you take things further.” After coming out of the interview, I had no hope of getting selected. When the results were announced, My name was listed on top. My happiness knew no bounds and I couldn't control my tears. It was like a dream come true. I was not able to believe that I did it, I did it in the right way. Immediately I called my family and the first sentence they said was, “We are so proud of you Beta, despite facing such challenges you didn’t give up and you achieved your dreams with determination. We always believed in you, but above all, you had faith in yourself.”

        That’s how my college life was over. Too much happened during this phase. Someone rightly said-Life is full with ups and down the trick is to cherish and enjoy the good times and to have the courage to go through the bad ones which makes you stronger and stronger and stronger.


                      Never lose your smile


 The fourth step of success:

Surround yourself with good friends, who are always there in your good and bad times. It's always better if you express what you are going through to someone as it helps to overcome the problem, it gives strength to fight and to know we are not alone.

When there is a problem, do an RCA(root cause analysis) and find a solution instead of sitting and cribbing about it. Never give up on yourself no matter how broken you are, how difficult it gets, find strength through your close ones. Life is full unexpected turns, you will never know what is waiting for you, so keep bouncing.


  1. Inspiring as always.. Each time a chapter of your life unfolds the respect for you doubles.. Each pillars of your life has stood by only because they saw you as a beautiful person and loved your spirit and believed in your capabilities... More power to you girl.. Bless you...

  2. Bravo girl. So proud to see you writing all this and you are indeed a strong girl

  3. Bravo girl. So proud to see you writing all this and you are indeed a strong girl

  4. Its a great moment which i enjoy under your guidance.

    I like your behavior and smile.


  5. Beautifully said Pallavi! You are definitely an achiever because of your positivity about your abilities.

  6. Hey champ,I always say this & I'll tell u once again
    I'm proud of u
    U r an example for not giving up each things u do in life
    Keep inspiring, can't wait enough for the next one palzzz

  7. There is so much to learn from you di❤️ U r so inspiring and amazing ✨✨
    Keep inspiring us🤗
    Loads of love❤️


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